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Surf Spring

— Power Adapter :

      Center Positive

Due to the reverb pan sensitive transducers, not many power supply will go along and get you a quiet signal. Only use our own 12v external power-supply included with your surf spring (along with the correct adaptor for you country if you are outside of EU). I f you need an extra power supply, it is available in our shop.

— Power Bank : 

Might not always be as quiet as your 12v power adapater included with the unit at purchase and you also need to use a revert polarity cable. But other power banks we had success with are:

  • Strymon Zuma
  • Eventide PowerMAX 7
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 3 Plus
  • Fender 
  • le noir et rouge pas cher la 
  • Harley Benton ISO 2 pro— Power Bank : 
  • — Shipping : 

    Units start shipping on October 1st.