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- I just placed my order and had confirmation, when will i have my precious device ?

Once you've placed your order please allow up to three earth weeks for us to manufacture your device and another week for delivery. Of course we could directly teleport the thing into your microwave, but we must obliged to the "moon landing treaty" ratified in person by all parties in 1961 stating we can't really teleport stuff, so we trust DHL to deliver our precious devices to you.

- What if i receive a non functioning device or with an aesthetic flaw ?

We truly are dedicated to make our pedals as perfect as we can and we make sure we are proud of each one before we send them on this planet, however if a defect is to be reported please send an email to and we will guide you through the process of shipping back the pedals to us, shipping costs charged on us.

- What if my order is lost during delivery ? 

We keep a close watch on our psych machines while in transit but if you find out that it has been lost or stolen please send a DEFCON5 alert to :, for everyone safety it's better to not have cosmic weapon running loose in the wild, if our carrier confirm the issue we will manufacture a new device for you.

- I received my order but I changed my mind and would like a refund or another color finish ? 

Contact : either with 'refund' or 'exchange' as a comment along with your order number and we will reach you as soon as possible.