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About us

As graduates in electronics and product design, we are a duo of artisans currently working from our workshop in Paris, France. We love to design and manufacture electronic units for musical instruments. We named this venture "Thirdstone Electronics" for the position of our planet in the solar system : the third planet from our sun.

Each piece is a labor of love, most often made in small batches, every unit is individually handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our aim is for these pieces to remain timeless, embodying the spirit and shapes of their home planet, to be cherished and reused by many and passed on over the years.


And for the contributions, advices and precious inputs of :

Vivien, Phillipe, Hélène, Cécile, Jeanne, Johanna, Johan, Vicente, Victor, Lucas, Angelo, Jonas, FormatFormat with Tanguy, Denis and Ehoarn for their work on our product photos, Antoine, Maverick, Dora, Misha, Elisa and Veronica for their work on upcoming videos, Gauthier for his help on various occasions, Phillipe for his work on upcoming photos Léon for the RLonda and the nights doing breadboard